Are you thinking of starting a business in Portugal? Yes, it is quite easy to set up a business in Portugal with the services of Innovate360. Portugal is popular for its welcoming business environment, making it an attractive destination for entrepreneurs to establish a business. Building strong relationships is an important part of the business culture of Portugal.


It can be challenging to start a business in Portugal, but with the services of Innovate360, it can be simple for you to make your vision a reality.

Top industries to start a business in Portugal

Portugal has a diverse economy. Several industries in Portugal offer opportunities to start a business. Some of the top industries that we can consider for investment in a business in Portugal are given below:

• Tourism industry

Tourism can be one of the best industries to invest in when starting a business in Portugal. As we know that Portugal is famous for its beautiful beaches, rich history, and delicious food. It is the best tourist destination for many years. Portugal has been investing in its tourist infrastructure, which is making it an attractive place for foreign investors. It is surely a profitable venture to invest in the tourism industry of Portugal. There is a steady growth in the tourism industry over the years. Some of the reasons to invest in this industry are a favorable business environment, a skilled workforce, and a stable political climate. Moreover, it offers several incentives and subsidies for foreign investors.


• Real estate industry

The real estate industry is another good industry to invest in when starting a business in Portugal. There is a significant growth in the real estate market of Portugal in recent years. Property prices are increasing in Porto and Lisbon. Several factors make it an attractive proposition to invest in the real estate industry in Portugal. Firstly, the location of Portugal on an Iberian peninsula makes it an ideal gateway to Africa, America, and Europe. Secondly, it is affordable to invest in real estate due to several tax incentives for foreign investors implemented by the Portuguese government. Hence, it is a viable option for starting a business in Portugal. Anyhow, it is important to approach the decision with careful consideration. Our experienced team will make you to walk through every step of the company formation process.


• Health industry

It is a good choice to invest in the health industry when starting a business in Portugal. There is a strong healthcare system in Portugal and a growing demand for health services. The established healthcare system of Portugal includes many public and private hospitals, healthcare centers, and clinics as well. You can invest in primary care clinics, specialty clinics, telemedicine, etc. Moreover, Portugal has a growing medical device industry. Due to this reason, people invest in medical devices such as imaging equipment, diagnostic tools, and surgical instruments. There is an increasing demand for fitness centers and wellness retreats. Keeping in view these demands of health in Portugal, it will be a good option to invest in the health industry to establish your business.

Health industry

• Food and Beverages (F&B) Industry

Food lovers are everywhere and when it comes to Portugal, it has a rich culinary tradition and is famous for its high-quality seafood, olive oil, and wine. So, investing in the food industry in Portugal can be a good opportunity to start a business due to the country’s growing economy and tourism industry. There is a range of opportunities in the food industry of Portugal. You can invest in restaurants, bakeries, cafes, and other food-related businesses as well. It has a strong food culture. There is a high demand for quality food and dining experiences are at their peak in this country. So, launch your business in Portugal by availing the services of Innovate360.

Food and Beverages (F&B) Industry