To reduce the challenges arisen due to language barriers & complex bureaucracy and to establish a bridge between the flourishing English-speaking community and corporate services, Mark Javed brought about INNOVATE360 LDA, a Portuguese-registered company and a certified SME by IAPMEI.

INNOVATE360 LDA is a legal service provider in Portugal that helps businesses empower and succeed in following their dream projects. It is a newly established venture that came into existence in 2023 and is dedicated to assisting businesses in company formation, tax & accounting services, and so on.

The company works exceptionally towards providing corporate services in the country to make the business journey of its customers simple and profitable. The company professionals at INNOVATE360 LDA offer innovative strategies and expert guidance to the client companies to make them achieve their overall objectives. As a trusted partner to all of its associated businesses, INNOVATE360 LDA envisions making entrepreneurship and business goals achievable by and accessible to all. These experts are well-versed in Portuguese laws, regulations, and procedures, making it all easier for their clients to navigate the complexities of the Portuguese legal and administration system.

GoodFirms – one of the leading research and rating service-providing companies- got to interview Mark Javed to know how INNOVATE360 LDA succeeded and what his role as a Managing Director is.

INNOVATE360 LDA's Initiation

Mark Javed initiates the interview, affirming that INNOVATE360 LDA Portugal is very close to his heart and has always been his dream venture. He always aimed to make this country easy to live, work, and do business for others. He said he knew how challenging it is for outsiders to register a company, find accountants and lawyers, and follow other essential requirements related to business. Hence, he started INNOVATE360 LDA to handle all corporate requests quickly and carefully.

As a Managing Director of the company, he checks over the daily operations and client relations. His role involves offering Sales & Marketing insights and helping their service team streamline and refine processes for quality service, organizational growth, and improved client experience.

A harmonious blend of certified Accountants and Corporate Lawyers are their in-house experts with a network of esteemed third-party professionals that allows the company to seamlessly address the needs of their unique clients and meticulously handle the specialized tasks before taking them to the next level. This makes them rank as the top management consulting company in Portugal by GoodFirms and many other third-party companies.

How is INNOVATE360 LDA Different from its Competitors?

Mr. Director said they view their competitors and industry peers differently. He sees them as their collaborators and has more faith in fostering partnerships than maintaining rivalries.


Industries Served, and Services Offere

Mark is very confident in serving various industries as he understands that business services are needed everywhere in a country. Hence, the company’s entire portfolio comprises the names of big ecommerce ventures, corporate enterprises, and self-employed entrepreneurs. 

A few services are in constant demand by the company’s clientele, such as accounting services for Portuguese businesses and virtual office subscription services for mail management and registered addresses that currently stand at a 50/50 ratio. Some of the top services offered by the company are as follows:

  1. Company Registration in Portugal
  2. Accounting Services in Portugal
  3. Tax Services in Portugal
  4. Virtual Office Services in Portugal
  5. Tax ID & Social Security Applications in Portugal

Customer Satisfaction and Support Services

Positive client feedback, reviews, and testimonials prove how much a company values its customers. Mr. CEO again affirmed that INNOVATE360 LDA is proud to receive a 95% of customer satisfaction rate and is continuously working on improving this figure. Two popular client reviews in favor of the company are displayed below.

Team INNOVATE360 LDA maintains regular communication with clients and always supports them with prompt responses. The team is reachable through mail, chat, phone, and social media platforms, where every client receives personalized attention. Regular project updates, one-on-one consultation, feedback channels, and post-service support assure best customer support services.

Payment Structure

INNOVATE360 LDA understands that every client needs some unique solutions. Hence, they have decided to make their payment system flexible and accommodating. A combination of their payment models includes fixed cost charged as an upfront cost for company registration-related services, and subscription is done for ongoing services like tax and accounting. Customized payment packages are also available to meet the client’s specific requirements.

Mr. CEO claims that the company does not believe in one-size-fits-all budget requirements. Hence, they evaluate the needs of every client individually with the understanding that each client holds different financial capacities. The minimum to maximum payment charged by the company for services offered range between 175 Euros to 3,000 Euros to facilitate Portuguese Tax IDs and a comprehensive package to establish Portuguese companies.

Future Prospects

Mark Javed sees his company being established as a prominent corporate firm in the coming years, covering not only Europe but various other continents as well. The company aims to play a significant role in helping businesses with company registration and accounting services at the global level. He claimed that the inclusion of ‘360’ in the company’s name clearly depicts its commitment to diversified services across different industries. The company is, however, actively working to obtain its long and short-term goals and aiming to become a robust economic force that aids nations, generates employment opportunities, and fosters new businesses.

Here concludes the interview of Mark Javed with GoodFirms; the detailed interview can be obtained from the GoodFirms profile page of INNOVATE360 LDA.

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