Incorporating a business in Portugal is a great way to infuse your business with warmth and passion. Portuguese culture offers a unique perspective to start your business. It is a country that has captured the hearts of people all over the world with its rich history, vibrant art scenes, and delicious cuisine. It is a member of the European Union and has a stable economy with a highly skilled workforce. It makes it an attractive location for the establishment of a business.

business in Portugal

The favorable tax system for companies in Portugal is beneficial for business owners. The strong entrepreneurial culture of Portugal offers various startup incentives and support programs to businesses. You have to follow the legal and regulatory requirements for incorporating a business in Portugal. Your business must be registered with the Portuguese Commercial Registry. Moreover, you have to obtain a tax identification number and comply with local tax laws as well.

Access to European countries

One of the benefits of incorporating the Portuguese business is that you can get access to the European Union countries through Portugal’s membership in the European Union. There are some steps that you have to follow for incorporating a business in Portugal:

  • Choose the legal structure of your business
  • Select a name for your business
  • Register your company or business
  • Get the Portuguese tax identification number
  • Open a bank account for your business
  • Obtain the necessary licenses and permits

After incorporating your business in Portugal, you can apply for a residency permit. It will allow you to work and live in Portugal. You can also get access to other European Union countries with this residency permit.

Skilled workforce

The skilled workforce of Portugal is another benefit that you can get when incorporating a business in Portugal. There is a highly educated and skilled workforce in Portugal. This workforce can provide businesses with access to talented professionals in various industries. The skilled workforce will help you to complete tasks more quickly with fewer errors, which can save your business time and money. Moreover, skilled workers produce high-quality work to meet the standards of business.


Tax benefits

Incorporating a Portuguese business can offer various tax benefits to the owners of the business. Businesses can benefit from a range of tax incentives. The corporate tax rate of Portugal is 21%. It is comparatively lower than other tax rates of European countries. There is also a range of incentives for new businesses. Investment in innovation and research will make you eligible for reduced tax rates or tax credits. 


Business-friendly environment

Portugal is providing you with a business-friendly environment. It has been implementing several measures to promote entrepreneurship and innovation. Portugal is making it easier for businesses to set up and operate. This country has a modern and efficient infrastructure. Moreover, it has excellent telecommunication, digital connectivity, and transportation.


Access to markets

The strategic location of Portugal helps businesses to make excellent connections with Europe, Africa, and America. You can get access to new markets and new customers. It will help you to expand your business across Europe. For more guidance, you can get the services of Innovate360. Our professional team will guide you in a better way that how you can incorporate the Portuguese business.


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