Getting a Portuguese taxpayer identification number (NIF) is the primary step to take for staying in Portugal for an extended period. Having a NIF allows you to open a bank account, purchase the property, sign rental agreements, and perform other necessary transactions. NIF is necessary to open a company in Portugal. It is necessary for all financial and commercial activities in the country. You can obtain your NIF from the convenience of your own home by getting in touch with Innovate360. We can simplify the process for you by offering tailored NIF services. Don’t worry about the paperwork and plan your new life in Portugal.

Portuguese Tax Number Application Service in Portugal

Steps to get the NIF online

In this article, we will go through the steps to get a Portuguese NIF online.

Step#1: Choose a company

First of all, you have to choose a company that is providing you with the service of obtaining the Portuguese NIF online. You have to choose a reputable and reliable company that processes your NIF application smoothly and efficiently. Innovate360 is a reputable company that is offering the services of getting the NIF online. We also provide the legal representation of NIF applications in the Portuguese finance department.

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Step #2: Provide your information

The second step after choosing the company is to provide your personal information to them. The personal information includes your name, address, proof of the person and passport. Fiscal representative with Citizen Card is required to apply for the NIF. If you do not have a one, our lawyer become your fiscal representative to submit your application. It is a complicated process but Innovate360 has made it a stress-free process to obtain a Portuguese NIF.


Step #3: Sign the Power of Attorney

The third step is to sign the necessary forms that the company will provide you electronically. These necessary forms will include a power of attorney. This power of attorney is for the purpose to authorize the company to act on your behalf in obtaining the NIF. Innovate360 has experienced lawyers that will represent you with the power of attorney. They will take care of all the necessary paperwork to acquire the Portuguese NIF.  In addition, you also have to provide a copy of your passport or ID card.


Step #4: Pay the fees

There is a fee for the NIF registration service. After filling out the necessary forms you have to pay this fee to the company. Different companies have variable costs for the NIF registration service. It depends upon the company you choose and the services you require. In market, there is a common rate of 200€ for this process but we charge 149€/one-time fee only and Fascial Representative is included in this fee. Choose Innovate360 for the support you need for this process.


Step #5: Wait for the confirmation

After making the payment, you must wait for confirmation from the company that your NIF has been obtained. Typically, it requires only a few days for this process but during the peak season, it may take longer time to complete the process. After the completion of your process, the company will send you the official PDF of your NIF through the e-mail issued by the finances.



In short, it is a straightforward process to obtain a Portuguese NIF through a company. A reputable and reliable company will make sure that your application is processed efficiently. After obtaining a NIF, you can start your business or work in Portugal without any delays. Get in touch with Innovate360 and obtain the NIF from the convenience of your own home.

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