The Portuguese climate is one of the best climates in Europe. Portugal has a Mediterranean climate, as you will not experience extreme weather like other countries of Europe. The winters in Portugal are generally mild. The temperature rarely drops below 10°C in coastal areas. It is a popular destination for winter sun seekers. The climate of Portugal is influenced by the Atlantic Ocean. The climate is cool and rainy in the North. It gradually becomes warmer when you start moving toward the South. It is dry and sunny in the region of Algarve. The climate becomes more continental in the interior.


There is plenty of sunshine in the summer months. The temperature ranges between 25-30°C. This makes Portugal a perfect destination for beachgoers and outdoor enthusiasts. Portugal has low humidity levels. It makes it more comfortable to be outside in the heat. Portugal has a long coastline with many beautiful beaches and coastal areas. The expats enjoy the destination throughout the year due to its climate.

What is Portugal’s climate like?

You will be surprised to learn that the climate in Portugal is considered to be varied from North to South. Will you believe that you can bathe in the sun and sky on the top of the mountain a few kilometers from the North? But it’s true, you can experience it. There are frequent spells of rain on the Northern side, while the southern side is warmer and sunny. Serra da Estrella is the highest sky-high mountain in the central north region of Portugal. This mountain gathers large crowds in winter. All in all, all cities of Portugal have a unique climate. It means you can find a place with a climate that best suits you. The weather of Portugal in different regions will never disappoint you.


The seasons in Portugal

Every season in Portugal brings a special essence from high tides to blossoming trees. The climate of Portugal is optimal providing a lot of opportunities for an outdoorsy lifestyle. It is important to learn that the temperature in Portugal changes depending on the region in which you are living. The northern regions of Portugal are much cooler than the southern regions. Similarly, coastal areas are cooler than the inland areas. Inland areas experience high temperatures during the summer months. The cultural and music festivals in Portugal also attract the attention of people all over the world. These festivals also depend upon the seasons.

• Summer season

The summertime in Portugal ranges from June to September. This season involves glistening beaches, radiant sunshine, and refreshing sea breezes. Experienced surfers can be observed riding the enormous waves. 50°C is the highest temperature while 20°C is the lowest temperature. You can beat the heat by using sunscreen and sunglasses. There are many pools of Leca da Palmeira, which are located on the North coastline. Make sure that you are not missing the dip in these pools. It gives you a chance to savor the scenic beauty of the seashore. You can enjoy a peaceful summertime in Portugal from July to September. These months are the most tranquil periods of the season.


• Spring season

The spring season in Portugal is embellished with icy blue Scylla flowers and blossoming pink peonies. This is the sight that you absolutely cannot miss. The pleasant breezes and beautifully curated view of native flora makes it perfect for a nice walk in the open air. The temperature in spring ranges from 11°C to 20°C. This season starts in March and lasts till June in Portugal. During this lovely time, people enjoy the activities like golfing and hiking. Many acclaimed music festivals take place in Portugal in the spring season.


• Fall season

The fall season in Portugal is mostly referred to as wine season. It is another great time to visit Portugal. You will see a cozy atmosphere with hues of crimson and burnt orange with dropping temperatures and roasted cheese nuts. It is the perfect time to wander the streets of Portugal. The autumn season starts in September and lasts till December. Frosty evenings are more enjoyable when the days gradually become shorter. Numerous farms in Portugal welcome people who wish to experience real winemaking.


• Winter season

In Portugal, the temperature begins to plummet in the winter season. The constant rain creates a chilly ambiance. There are certain light storms and strong winds during this time. You have to carry an umbrella or a raincoat whenever you step out of your home. The winter season in Portugal starts in December and ends at the mid of March. The temperature ranges from 8°C to 14°C. In mountain points like Serra de Estrella, the temperature drops below zero.


When is the perfect time to visit Portugal?

The perfect time to visit Portugal is the time when you are ready to travel. To be very honest, the climate of Portugal is charming. Tourists love to spend their time in Portugal no matter what time and what month of the year it is. Most people come to Portugal to spend their summer breaks from May to August. This time is pretty popular among tourists.

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