Portugal is a very popular destination for the expats. This popularity is due to several reasons. We see a surge of popularity in the recent few years for expats who are willing to love their nest for a good life. The climate of Portugal is very warm and there is a very low crime rate with a relatively low cost of living. Expats find a wide range of business opportunities in Portugal. It is an attractive destination for those who are seeking to live on a budget. The people of Portugal enjoy a Mediterranean climate with almost 300 days of sunshine yearly. It is also popular for its mild winters. The people of Portugal are very friendly and have a welcoming nature. The cultural heritage is very rich and it is home to many historical sites and museums.

Portugal is Perfect for Expats

Reasons for which Portugal is best for expats

• Cost of living

Portugal is best for expats. The cost of living in this place is compared to other European countries. Generally, the cost of living in Portugal is much lower than the cost of living in other countries of Europe. It may vary according to the region in which you are living and the choice of your lifestyle. Lisbon and Porto are the two most expensive cities in Portugal. Living in these two cities can be more expensive than living in other cities. It is expected to have high prices of food, rent, and entertainment than any other city in Portugal. The cost of living is less in smaller towns and rural areas. But overall, Portugal is relatively more affordable than other countries in Europe.

It ranks as the 29th least expensive city in the world according to the Numbeo, a website that collects compares the cost of living all over the world. Ultimately, the cost of living and its affordability depends upon individual circumstances. It is better to have proper research and a good budget before visiting this place. Portugal is popular for its delicious cuisine. You can find reasonable and affordable public transportation in this country. It has a good healthcare system with a range of public and private options. The cost of living in Portugal is 37% less than the cost of living in other countries of Europe. All in all, it is best for the expats due to its reasonable cost of living.


• Easy to get the residence Visa

There are certain types of Visas you can apply for in Portugal. These visas include

  1. D-7 long-stay national visa
  2. D-8 digital nomad visa
  3. Digital Nomad Visa

It is very easy and simple to get a residence Visa in Portugal. It is a member of the European Union. It means that having a residence Visa in Portugal will permit you to freely travel throughout the European Union. Due to this, you can also get the economic and social benefits. After getting the residence Visa, you will be eligible for many other residency benefits like healthcare and education. The purpose of your visit will let you know about the criteria for obtaining a residence Visa in Portugal. For example, a temporary stay Visa for employment requires a job offer from a Portuguese employer and you need to be accepted by a Portuguese institute to get a student Visa in Portugal.

• Climatic condition

The climate of Portugal is very warm but it varies from region to region. The South part the arid, the Northwest part is rainy, and the northeast part of characterized by long and warm summers. So, select your region according to your preferences after doing research.

The climatic conditions of Portugal are under the influence of the Atlantic Ocean and the mountains in the west and east respectively. The southern part of Portugal is warmer and drier, on the other hand, the northern part is cooler and wetter. There is huge rainfall in the winter months. The interior regions are drier than the coastal areas. August is the warmest month in Portugal. The climate is perfect for the expats. The temperature ranges from 12°C in winter to 28°C in summer. It is also known for its beautiful beaches, vibrant cities, and stunning countryside.


• Safety

Portugal is considered a safe country for the expats. It is ranking on fourth among the safest countries in the world. In 2020 research, it is now placed in a third number of peaceful countries all across the globe. The safety is due to the low crime rate. The people are very friendly and welcoming. They treat the immigrants with openness and kindness. It is safe and sound but still, you need to take safety measures.


• Quality of education

Another reason why Portugal is the best destination for expats is its quality of education. The quality of education is fairly high at secondary and higher levels. The degrees that you get from the Universities of Portugal are recognized in the European Union. It helps graduates to find work in the European Union countries. The universities taught courses in English and Portuguese. In recent years, Portugal has made many significant investments in the education system. You will see many improvements in several areas such as literary rates and student achievements. There are several reputable institutes for a good education in Portugal. But still, some challenges are to be addressed to improve the quality of education for the students.



In short, Portugal is the perfect destination for expats in every aspect. It comes in the most affordable countries in Europe. The expats can enjoy comfortable lifestyles without breaking the bank. It is also the main source of attraction for expats who want to escape from the cold climates because Portugal has warm and mild climatic conditions. Portugal is an excellent destination for expats looking for a new home. The country offers a high quality of life, a welcoming culture, and affordable living costs. With its warm climate, stunning beaches, and vibrant cities, Portugal has something for everyone. The Portuguese government has also implemented policies that make it easier for foreigners to live and work in the country. All in all, Portugal’s combination of lifestyle, affordability, and opportunity makes it an ideal place for expats to settle down and enjoy a new chapter in their lives.

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